Western-Sydney aged care provider Abel Tasman Village Association has implemented a purpose-built cloud-based mobility platform that includes location aware employee apps.

The solution aims to mobilise information collection and streamline delivery and customer services across its residential, in-home care and associated services.

Australian-based enterprise application and mobile services provider BlinkMobile announced the launch of its first aged care sector deployment at the Digital Health Show Conference in Sydney on Friday.

After a four-month pilot, Abel Tasman Village Association has just decided to move to full deployment of the cloud-based Blink Mobility Platform developed for it, said Darren Besgrove, BlinkMobile’s COO.

The managed service solution runs within the Amazon Web Services cloud platform and with scope to expand in use, currently allows aged care workers to view rosters, locate and get directions to appointments, complete care notes and record vehicle logs all via their mobile productivity app, Mr Besgrove said.

“They can see their calls and keep track of that as they make their visits, and because it is electronic, it is all geo-located,” Mr Besgrove told Technology Review at the conference.

“The note taking is all electronic. They can do voice to text dictation so they are not trying to hand type notes later. The photos can be annotated so if you’re doing an in-home inspection and you see a tripping hazard you can photograph it and draw on it to say what the issue is.”

The solution also interfaces with location beacons within client homes and aged care facilities to activate arrival and departure times for time sheets and pre-load specific client information, he said.

Abel Tasman Village Association treasurer John Baremans said that despite not being one of the largest providers, they have always sought to be one of the most innovative.

“In this new era of CDC where customers and their families can choose their provider, we believe it vital to adopt new technologies that simultaneously drive more efficient work practices, improve accuracy in reporting and deliver a better customer experience,” Mr Baremans said.

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