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Tech-heads take note

By Lillian Radulova

Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) conference organisers are now calling for all aged care service providers and systems vendors to get their submissions in for their 5th Annual Conference next year, before its too late.

Stressing the importance of information technology in achieving a sustainable and quality focused aged care environment, the theme for 2012 is ‘Smart Technology for Modern Aged Care: delivering change’.

ITAC conference manager, Jane Murray, said that the conference is about providing information specifically about IT advancements for industry members to better manage and design their aged care service delivery.

“We’d want everyone to come because it really has information about things for them to learn no matter what role they’re in,” she said.

“They get to see what systems are out there; something they can take back to their office and use. Lots of the exhibitions are case studies and allow them to see what others have done, what they’ve learn from it and what they’d do better next time. It’s all about sharing the experiences.”

The conference will be held on April 19 and 20 in Melbourne and will exhibit local and international experts from across the fields of community care, medication management, assistive technologies and offsite information systems delivery.

The closing date for submissions is October 7, 2011.

Information topics or ‘streams’ for presentation submissions include:
• Smart technology for a modern aged care
• ITAC 2012: an Australian GPS (looking at different sectors, states, rural, remote)
• ITAC 2012: an Australian road show
• How to sell IT internally
• Can your business survive without an IT strategy
• Will the National Broadband Network (NBN) change how you do business?
• South Korea will remove all hardcopy text books from their schools in 2016. Is Australia on the same path? Can aged care join this revolution?
• Will internet TV change community care forever?
• “Staying Alive, Staying Alive” so goes the song. Will future home care models radically change personal choices and support home based independence?
• It is 2025; what will the typical home based care program look like?
• Workforce redesign and the required changes needed to current policy settings
• Technology – real savings or a myth

For more information contact Jane Murray on (08) 9405 7171 or email

Alternatively, to submit your submissions online, click here.

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