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Facing the boomer challenge

A comprehensive report examining the expectations of Australian baby boomers, has confirmed what many in the industry already suspected: this cohort wants to continue to work and live independently for as long as possible – and the focus of care and service delivery will need to adjust to accommodate their changing needs.

Commissioned by Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, A Generational Shift: the next wave of aged care, combined interviews with senior industry leaders and consumer groups with a comprehensive online survey of over 1,200 baby boomers.

The findings suggest a significant proportion of boomers have shunned conventional concepts of retirement and ageing, with over a quarter (27 per cent) of the people surveyed not planning to retire until they reached their late seventies.

And looking further into the future, most baby boomers shunned the idea of entering a conventional residential care setting.

Four out of five people surveyed said they would prefer to live independently when they begin to need help with daily activities.

But despite their lofty ambitions, the survey found 41 per cent of baby boomers fear they will have little or no choice when it comes to accommodation options.

One in five respondents also felt they would not have the financial resources to remain in their own homes and will need supported rental accommodation.

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