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New number for elder abuse

The Victorian Government has set up a $2.6 million telephone service to assist seniors suffering any form of abuse.

As well as providing support and advice the new service will al so be used to raise awareness of the prevalence of elder abuse.

The state’s Attorney General, Rob Hulls said the hotline would help overcome some of the barriers to reporting abuse.

“As with family violence and sexual assault, older people may find it difficult to voice complaints about abuse, especially if it involves a family member,” Mr Hulls said.

It comes on the back of research conducted by the state’s Department of Planning and Community Development which found that 25 per cent of people over the age of 18 had either witnessed financial abuse of an older person or knew the person affected.

The survey also discovered that 18 per cent of Victorians had witnessed or knew of a senior suffering psychological abuse and 90 per cent supported action to prevent it.

The service will combine the resources and experience of the Council on the Ageing Victoria, two community legal centres and the Public Interest Law Clearing House.

The service can be reached at 1300 368 821.


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