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Software company acquires electronic med management

A major Australian clinical management software developer will begin marketing an integrated electronic management system following a deal earlier this week.

Melbourne-based iCare Solutions has acquired the business of Rx Right Medication Management System from Exact Technology.

The Rx Right system was conceived by pharmacist, Keryn Coghill and developed in 2005.

It links doctors, pharmacists and people who administer medications into one electronic system which is claimed to reduce the risk of medication error and simplify reporting and auditing processes.

Ms Coghill said medication errors are one of the biggest issues that the industry faces.

“When I started work as a pharmacist in 1974, labels were typed, drug records were handwritten and paper prescriptions were posted to the government for payment,” she said.

“In 2008, nothing has changed and as a result, medication misadventure is still occurring today, despite the introduction of dose administration aids and increased regulations and standards,” she said.

The Rx Right system will be available as an integrated module within iCare’s clinical management system and as a stand-alone product.

iCare has also acquired the management team and customers of Exact Technology.

The company’s Managing Director, Chris Gray said the deal would particularly benefit customers.

“The investment brings together two companies with similar cultures, creating synergies for both,” he said.

This latest expansion from iCare follows the company’s launch in the UK in September last year.


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