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The aged care provider formerly known as…

Above: Spiritus executive director Della Warren.

At the end of last month, Queensland aged care and social services provider Spiritus announced it would change its name to Anglicare Southern Queensland, effective March 2012.

According to Spiritus, it was felt the Anglicare name would more clearly describe the caring nature of the organisation and better reflect its role in the Anglican Church.

“The decision comes after extensive consultation that included seeking the views of staff, clients, funders, donors, community groups, the national Anglicare network and the broader Anglican Church community,” according to a statement.

“The results of the 10-month project identified the advantages of connecting with a brand synonymous with an established nationwide network of Anglican care organisations, all committed to building resilience, hope and justice in their communities.”

Spiritus’ executive director, Della Warren, said the change of name would heighten awareness of the contributions made by both the organisation and the Anglican Church itself, through the Anglicare network.

“This is a start of a new chapter in the organisation’s proud 130-year history,” she said.

“Although our name will change, our commitment remains the same – to empower the aged, disadvantaged and marginalised to live their lives in fullness.

“As Anglicare Southern Queensland we will continue the service tradition of delivering quality aged care, enabling people to lead healthy and independent lives in their own homes and in specialist residential homes.

“People in need are supported by our social service programs that include foster care, counseling, disability services, youth services, refugee assistance, homelessness assistance, family assistance and parental education, and mental health support,” Ms Warren said.

Anglicare Australia’s executive director, Kasy Chambers, reportedly welcomed the announcement “as a strategic initiative for the national Anglicare brand”.

She said Spiritus represented one of the largest member agencies in Australia, and that the transition to Anglicare Southern Queensland was an opportunity to increase the footprint and exposure of the Anglicare brand across the nation.

“Anglicare Australia supports this strategic initiative and similarly, our member agencies recognise the opportunity to further strengthen our national presence.

“Spiritus plays an important role in the wellbeing of many Queensland communities, providing vital social services programs in collaboration with community and government agencies, and offers fully accredited residential aged care and independent living opportunities,” Ms Chambers said.

Anglicare Southern Queensland will continue to offer the aged care and social service programs provided by Spiritus – throughout south-east and south-west Queensland and in Townsville.

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