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Nursing CPE goes 3D

Online continuing professional education (CPE) for nurses has taken a step forward this week with the advent of accurate three-dimensional computer models of the human body.

This week the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) announced the addition of Simulation Education Online to its existing online education programs, which uses a ‘cognitive simulator’ provided by technology vendor SIMTICS.

Above: A video explaining and demonstrating the cognitive simulator technology used in the ANF’s new courses (video from SIMTICS).

ANF federal education officer, Jodie Davis, said the new web application demonstrated the union’s ongoing commitment to the continuing education of Australia’s nurses and midwives.

“This innovative website offers 3D simulated learning for clinical procedures,” Ms Davis explained.

“Each module teaches a different procedure through an interactive simulation, accompanied by a step-by-step text with hyperlinks, a video demonstration, a 3D model of the anatomy encountered during the procedure and a quiz.

“Scores and time taken to complete each module is stored in a logbook on the website for easy transference to the CPE professional development portfolio.”

The simulation is also available in a test mode, allowing the nurse or midwife to check their competence, she said.

There are 32 modules currently available including specific clinical procedures such as how to administer an injection, perform a lumbar puncture, insert a nasogastric tube or administer and interpret an electrocardiogram (ECG).

“These highly visual and interactive simulations allow the learning or review of nursing clinical procedures by mental enactment without the distraction of events in the workplace or the cost associated with attending face-to-face training,” Ms Davis added.

“With a member base of over 220,000 nurses and midwives spread across a variety of diverse occupational roles and geographical settings, a significant challenge we face is providing high quality, yet affordable continuing education services, particularly in remote and rural locations.”

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