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Complaints resources available in five languages

translated quick reference cards

A quick reference card for the complaints journey translated into Hindi


The Aged Care Complaints Scheme has translated video and print resources for aged care workers into five languages identified as most relevant to the industry.

New staff resources include a video about the value of complaints and some quick reference cards, all translated in Hindi, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Tagalog, which is an official language of the Philippines.

The video, Aged Care Complaints for Staff in Aged Care, highlights the value of complaints and provides tips on how staff can manage complaints internally.

It gives an overview of the complaints scheme and how it can help plus provides guidance for staff on how to help care recipients and their representatives raise concerns with the scheme if necessary.

In addition to the sub-titled videos, a full transcript and a simplified version summarising the main points are available to print or download.

The quick reference cards, which aim to promote effective complaint handling, cover five ares – assisted complaints, the complaints journey, staff, stages of complaints, and workplace culture.

Access the subtitled videos and the translated quick reference cards: New translated resources for aged care staff 

Watch the English version of the video: Video about complaints for aged care staff 

English language printed resources including the quick reference cards as well as posters are available in the Complaint Handling Toolkit.

CALD Consumers

Earlier this month, the complaints scheme translated a video for aged care recipients and their families about the importance of raising any concerns they have about the services they are receiving.

The 15-minute video is in English and available with subtitles for 17 selected languages. Read more about that resource here: ‘I have a concern’ consumer video available in 17 languages



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