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Aged care has proven its sustainability


Brought to you by the NEWSROOM

Brought to you by the NEWSROOM

VIDEO: Over the past three decades the aged care sector has proven itself to be self-sustaining, due in large part to the resilience of organisations rather than government policies, according to Rex Leighton, CEO of Illawarra Diggers Aged & Community Care.

Speaking to the NEWSROOM during the ACSA National Conference earlier this week, Mr Leighton said that he wished aged care was recognised as the fair and innovative sector it was.

He said that in his 28 years in the sector, aged care have proven itself to be self-sustaining and resilient, because governments had never put the sector in a position where it could be completely confident of its sustainability.

Mr Leighton said he was tired of hearing governments say their policies would make the system sustainable. “They said that in 1997, now they’re saying it again; in the meantime we’ve been resilient, we’ve done the work. People have benefited from our efforts, not government’s [efforts].”

Aged services should advocate and pressure those in power to ensure older people are considered and valued for the roles that they play, Mr Leighton said.

Click below to watch Mr Leighton speak to the NEWSROOM:  

Rex Leighton speaking to the NEWSROOM

Rex Leighton speaking to the NEWSROOM

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