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Lessons from overseas: e-health in Canada ‘significantly impacting home care’

AUDIO: Improved quality and access to care for consumers and increased productivity for clinicians, are among the positive impact digital health is already having on home care in Canada, an international conference has heard.

Fraser Ratchford

Fraser Ratchford

Fraser Ratchford, group program director or consumer health and innovation at Canada Health Infoway, gave delegates at the recent ACSA/IAHSA Joint International Conference in Perth a glimpse into Canada’s home care landscape, which he said was having a significant impact on care.

Mr Ratchford said Canada had laid many digital health foundations, which empowered consumers were now using to make better healthcare and quality of life decisions.

Good products and investment are key to effective implementation, but the human factor is a huge component and a lot of work needs to be done in change management, he told Technology Review.

Mr Ratchford spoke to Natasha Egan ahead of his presentation about Canada’s e-health experiences including the key enablers needed for successful digital health solutions:

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