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Spirituality is key within a wellness approach

AUDIO: Spiritual care is about connecting deeply with people daily and it is as important as meeting a person’s physical, social or emotional needs, a leading expert has told community aged care organisations.

Elizabeth Pringle (2)

Elizabeth Pringle

Director of consultancy service Improvement Matters, Elizabeth Pringle told last week’s Active Ageing Conference that spiritual needs were at the centre of a person’s being – it was what gave meaning, purpose and connection.

“If they are not feeling a sense of meaning, purpose and connectedness then other interventions won’t be successful,” Ms Pringle said.

Organisations should integrate spiritual needs into the assessment process, establish partners to provide specialist spiritual care and train all staff in basic spiritual awareness, she said.

Following her workshop, Ms Pringle told AAA’s Natasha Egan about the importance of meeting spiritual care needs within a wellness approach and how community care organisations and frontline workers can assist:

The Active Ageing Conference 2015, hosted by Australian Ageing Agenda and Community Care Review, brought together researchers, providers and allied health professionals to discuss the wellness approaches now expected in both home support and home care since 1 July.

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