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Integrated alarm, telehealth and assistive technology hub launched

SmartHome IP Dialler front view ADJ fadedINS LifeGuard has launched a new medical alarm system and communications hub this month that features a suite of internet-enabled extras for retirement living and community care organisations to offer clients.

The SmartHome IP Dialler (IDP) features a dock with a purpose-built tablet and telephone to allow the provision of optional services in addition to the medical alarm system and 24-hour professional nursing monitoring service.

IPD features a built-in M2M (machine-to-machine) SIM card designed to eliminate the need for residents to have a home telephone line. The device can also operate off an existing Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection with the M2M SIM card as a back-up.

Villages and community care organisations can use the technology to send messages and notifications to one individual, a group, or all residents and evacuation alerts can also be issued to each resident in real time, according to INS LifeGuard.

Subscription and pay-as-you-go service options that can be switched as required include:

  • a home telephone service
  • access to internet browsing and social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube and email
  • telehealth services for medical conditions such as diabetes, COPD, chronic heart failure or unstable blood pressure and vital signs monitoring, with information automatically recorded and sent to a nurse in INS LifeGuard’s Emergency Response Centre
  • virtual GP consultations via an audio or video call seven days a week
  • home automation features, such as automatically turning on/off power points and lights and locking or unlocking of doors controlled wirelessly from the device
  • home security monitoring
  • the My Concierge Service to help manage everyday tasks and arrange a variety of services such as home maintenance, health care, personal shoppers and taxi bookings

The services can be covered under CDC or NDIS funding models and assistance provided with case management through a free online reporting and review portal, said Claude Rafin, INS Group managing director.

“Our team has worked hard to develop products and services that enable people to remain living at home for longer whilst helping them manage any chronic health conditions.

“Importantly, the SmartHome IPD can directly replace analogue-based medical alarm systems, is fully-NBN compatible and inexpensive, yet still offers clients many additional benefits leading to improved health, independence, and greater security and wellbeing,” Mr Rafin said.

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