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New aged care tech on show at ITAC

The next generation in home monitoring platforms, digital onboarding software for new staff and a mobile governance tool are among new applications and solutions that were launched in the lead up to this year’s Information Technology in Aged Care conference on the Gold Coast.

On the eve of ITAC, Hills Health Solutions in partnership with Essence, a global provider of IoT and cloud based home-care solutions, launched Care@Home for the home aged care sector.

Hills Essence Care@Home


The intelligent monitoring platform aims to enable service providers to provide predictive and tailored care by analysing a resident’s daily habits and routine in a bid to prevent incidents before they are likely to occur.

The existing medical alarm market is about responding to an emergency, whereas this platform aims to flip the model around to find out when people are deteriorating and approaching an issue, said Tom Sykes, Head of Hills Health Solutions.

“Care@Home still provides that familiar response functionality, but the biggest change is it monitors people’s daily lives and behaviours in a very passive way; it is not intrusive and there is no wearable device,” My Sykes told Technology Review.

The platform utilises a series of movement and presence sensors placed around the home and advanced analytics to learn the daily habits and routines of residents over the first month. If deviations from routine occur that could indicate a change in health conditions, an alert is created and sent to the appropriate parties, such as a monitoring centre, care provider, or family member, depending on the situation, he said.

“It is very discreet and lets the care providers tailor the care package based on what is actually happening for the person.”

Digital onboarding

MyRecruitment+ onboarding

MyRecruitment+ digital onboarding

Elsewhere, cloud recruitment software company MyRecruitment+ were showcasing their new onboarding technology, which aims to help the human resources department generate an entire employment pack that can be actioned and signed by a candidate in minutes.

The paperless onboarding software aims to save organisations hours of productivity, make them look smart and sharp and reduce candidate drop-offs through a swift signup process, said Anwar Khalil, CEO at MyRecruitment+.

“We utilise Cryptography to guarantee both the authenticity of the author and the integrity of the document,” Mr Khalil said.

The organisation also aims to reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the amount paper required from trees while also increasing the number of trees.

“We pledge to plant 10 trees on behalf of every new client,” Mr Khalil said.

i.On.My set up Wizard 1

i.On.My set up Wizard

Quick set-up

ThoughtWare, the software developer behind governance, risk, compliance program I.On My Solutions, has launched a set up wizard to help organisations in need of up to 20 user licences get on top of compliance quickly.

The do-it-yourself URL-based tool is perfect for small companies and it only takes two minutes to complete, said CEO Sonja Bernhardt.

While the tool has national and multi-sector relevance, Ms Bernhardt said the Gold Coast-based company developed the app to help the many local organisations planning for the Commonwealth Games to be held there in 2018.

LeeCare Solutions P5 mobile photo

LeeCare Solutions P5 mobile

Going mobile

Also in the area of governance, Leecare Solutions demonstrated P5 Mobile, an app for Android devices launched a few weeks ago.

The app links in directly to an organisation’s individual installation to reflect and display its own daily forms and are therefore not restricted to inbuilt forms, said CEO Caroline Lee.

“Clients have a forms builder and they can add to whatever chart they want, for example. We don’t have to rebuild the app because they want to make changes. It enables staff to write progress notes, weights and vital signs, and daily chart reporting,” she said.


See the January 2016 edition of Technology Review magazine for more news from ITAC on the latest technology and software for the aged care sector.

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