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Dementia support website launched

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic has launched an online information and counselling service to provide round-the-clock support to people with dementia and their carers.

Visitors to the Online Dementia Support website can arrange free online counselling, learn about dementia, connect with others in the same situation and discover where and how to get help.

The resource was developed by the client services team in conjunction with carers and aims to enable easier access for people seeking information and support, acknowledging the time challenges people living with dementia and carers face juggling work, home, family, appointments and other commitments, according to Alzheimer’s Australia Vic.

Key features of the online resource

  • 24-hour access to information and resources;
  • counselling via email or video conference;
  • a forum for participating in an online peer support community;
  • 16 videos with experts and carers sharing their experiences to help others.

In the videos, experts and family carers help others to learn more about dementia, offer tips on more effective communication, discuss changes in behaviour and offer useful information on residential care.

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One Response to Dementia support website launched

  1. Mackrani December 17, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

    Whilst it may seem like a great idea to have a resource website for carers, just curious as to why there is so much money spent on duplication on information products/websites. The fact sheets here can be acquired from the AA website. The 24hour support is not a live online chat from what I can tell but a function to email and request an email or call back. Online forum – aren’t there forums already on the Facebook pages?

    Also, there is the Carer Gateway that assists with looking for and linking with services.

    This web resource is another example of duplication by repackaging information and support websites that already exists.

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