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Full ACAT transition to My Aged Care starts

Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs) have begun using My Aged Care to conduct comprehensive assessments and send electronic referrals to providers for residential care, transition care and home care packages, with Queensland the first region to fully transition to the platform.

New South Wales teams will transition on Thursday with the other states and territories following over the next six weeks finishing with South Australia on 15 March, according to the Department of Health.

It is critical all providers ensure they can receive referrals from My Aged Care prior to transition, the Department told providers on Friday.

Once transitioned, all referrals for residential care, transition care and home care package providers will go via My Aged Care.

Providers will receive either an electronic referral they access through the provider portal, or an approach from a client with a referral code, which they use to access to the client’s record also through the provider portal.

Up until now, most referrals have only been made by My Aged Care to Commonwealth Home Support Programme providers, with some referrals to home care package providers, residential providers and flexible care services in the early implementation areas of Kingston Victoria, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions of Queensland.

ACAT transition dates

  • Queensland                                  1 February
  • New South Wales                       4 February
  • Australian Capital Territory  15 February
  • Tasmania                                       23 February
  • Northern Territory                   29 February
  • Western Australia                     29 February
  • Victoria                                          7 March
  • South Australia                          15 March

Information and support for using the My Aged Care provider portal is available online and via the service provider and assessor helpline on 1800 836 799.

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