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Books to add to your reading list

Covering topics such as leadership, staff wellbeing and brain health, here’s our pick of the latest books to put on your bookshelf.


You can LeadYou Can Lead is a practical guide for new team leaders and for established leaders who want to increase their leadership capability.

Written by organisational psychologist and coach Dr Judith Chapman, the book – illustrated with engaging examples and scenarios – provides advice to help drive leadership performance.

ES-PRESS RRP: $24.99.

Stress reduction

Mindfulness on the runMindfulness on the Run is full of practical mindfulness exercises that can be done in minutes to reduce stress and anxiety.

First-time author and clinical psychologist Dr Chantal Hofstee developed an easy-to-learn program of techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Dr Hofstee says mindfulness practice is linked to wellbeing and stress reduction, and increased creativity and productivity.

Exisle Publishing RRP: $24.99.

A healthy brain

A brain for lifeNeuropsychologist Dr Nicola Gates has written a practical guide to show how lifestyle has a powerful effect on our brains.

A Brain for Life shares simple steps to adopt a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Key topics covered include the critical link between exercise and brain fitness, why a healthy gut means a healthy brain, the heart-brain connection and the importance of staying social.

HarperCollins RRP: $29.99.

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