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‘Unifying message of love’ resonates in aged care

RFBI is hosting a range of Valentine’s Day activities across its facilities

Like many aged care facilities across Australia, love is the theme of the day at Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution villages as residents and staff mark Valentine’s Day.

The day provides the perfect opportunity to explore the universal theme of love and what it means to residents in the provider’s facilities across NSW and the ACT, said Frank Price, chief executive officer.

“We have many couples in our villages who will be able to celebrate their love for each other, for other residents it will be the celebration of their family and friendships or it may be their love of religion, music or our village pets,” he said.

“The unifying message of love is something that resonates with everybody and highlighting definitions of love can promote conversations between residents, staff, families and the neighbourhood.”

The provider’s activity and lifestyle coordinators have been especially imaginative this year, Mr Price said, with activities including romantic lunches, love quiz games, love song dedication concerts, love-based arts and crafts and special morning and afternoon teas.

“Across our 21 villages some 2,500 residents have been able to sit down together and fill out cards exploring what love means to them and then pinning the cards up on the walls for all to read the themes and interests,” Mr Price said.

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