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Spotlight on adaptable environments and staff education in aged care

In the forthcoming September-October edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine we examine how to improve environments for seniors in residential aged care as well education for the full range of facility staff.

We look at how providers can improve and adapt residential aged care environments through universal design or implementations from hoists, rails and assistive technology through to temporary and permanent installations related to lighting, sound and the outdoors.

We talk to experts, innovators and providers about new and retrofitted implementations, accessories, technology and fittings that improve outcomes for residents and staff while also reducing operating costs.

Our report targeting aged care executives looks at:

  • what and how environments can be adapted
  • benefits for residents and staff
  • challenges of new and retrofitted implementations
  • costs and the return on investment


In this issue we also examine online and face-to-face education and training for staff working for residential aged care organisations to help those in charge of arranging education to make informed decisions.

We are looking at compulsory and optional education for the full range of aged care staff from those working in direct care, hospitality and recreational roles to the people in back office and managerial positions.

We will hear from aged care and education providers about new education programs and subject areas, innovative delivery methods and highly successful programs being implemented.


In this edition of AAA magazine we also report on the latest best-practice continence care.

We speak to leading practitioners, researchers and educators about new evidence on continence care that will help guide frontline practice.

Among those, we hear about physiotherapy-led solutions that are helping aged care residents better manage their continence and regain their independence.

If you have a story to tell or expertise to share on these topics, please get in touch.

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