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Noticeboard: Online care marketplace reborn as Mable

Online community aged care and disability support marketplace Better Caring has rebranded as Mable.

Better Caring was set up in 2014 to connect people who are ageing or living with a disability with local support workers.

The new name and logo is designed to reflect Mable’s role as an innovator rather than just another care provide, co-founder and CEO Peter Scutt says.

“Since the beginnings of Better Caring, we’ve been hearing from those in our community who have said our previous name made us sound like a traditional care provider rather than a bold innovator,” Mr  Scutt said.

“And many people in our community didn’t need care, rather they wanted support to live independently and be included.

“To speak to both the aged care and disability sectors and to move away from the notion of ‘care’, we wanted a name that captured what we really are – a support platform for everyone.”

Mable, one of an increasing number of online platforms entering the carers market, has a database of 50,000 including aged care and disability support workers, clients and support co-ordinators.

“We are seeing significant disruption in the aged care and disability sectors in the wake of regulatory reforms under Consumer Directed Care and the NDIS,” co-founder Tony Charara said.

“Mable is a technology solution that puts clients in the driver’s seat and returns freedom of choice to those seeking support, while traditional providers are still scrambling to determine their role in this new consumer led market.”

Meanwhile a new national home care service, NurseWatch, has launched this month.

NurseWatch deliberately targets the baby boomer market with a slick marketing campaign and a focus on new-age wellness and premium packages, as well as traditional nursing care.

“NurseWatch … provides the opportunity for regular wellness sessions such as yoga, mindfulness, kinesiology, nutrition and massage provided by experienced Registered Nurses accessed via an intuitive online booking process that provides instant and unlimited access to quality care within the comfort of the home, around the clock,” founder and CEO Kate Spurway says.

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