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Aged care storytelling platform goes live

A new website and social media campaign that aims to highlight and celebrate positive aspects of aged care care through personal stories of those working in the sector has been launched today. 

The Humans of Aged Care platform, which was announced by Aged and Community Services Australia at its national summit in September, aims to capture the untold stories of the nation’s aged care staff and volunteers (read more here).

The platform shares the stories of individuals who have been nominated in recognition of their work.

ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow said the platform aimed to show the commitment and dedication of the people involved in the industry.

Pat Sparrow

“Humans of Aged Care tells the community about the positive stories in aged care – about people, and the relationships that exist between older people and the staff that rarely get told,” Ms Sparrow told Australian Ageing Agenda.

The platform is an ongoing social media campaign that shares uplifting stories from all roles in the aged care sector, including cooks, cleaners, personal carers, clinical staff and nurses, Ms Sparrow said.

She said the platform was needed to balance the media’s portrayal of aged care.

“Our hope is [that] telling these stories will help put some balance back into the public portrayal of our industry.

“We feel as an industry we have a strong story to tell about the positive contribution of individuals in aged care and the importance of this quality care-giving to the community,” Ms Sparrow said.

Danica Langford-Lenane

Personal carer Danica Langford-Lenane, 22, said she was passionate about caring for older people.

“My job is so much more than helping people. Being able to help someone in the scariest stage of their life, when they are the most vulnerable, is so, so special,” said Ms Langford-Lenane, who has worked for Crookwell Taralga Aged Care in NSW for two years.

“I’m a shoulder to cry on when you can’t remember, or when you forget hoe to speak. I’m the one who will listen to your stories and jokes – even if you’ve already told me the same one five times today, I’ll still laugh,” Ms Langford-Lenane said.

She said her work has given her a greater sense of gratitude towards those in her life.

“I appreciate everyone around me more, because when you’re young you never think about life that will one day be without everyone you love,” she said.

CaSPA Care lifestyle manager Vicki Fraser in South Melbourne said she has been in the aged care sector for 30 years and has never looked back.

Vicki Fraser

“I’m 100 per cent dedicated to embracing these wonderful people and giving them a purpose for getting out of bed,” Ms Fraser said.

“My aim has always been to create opportunities for residents, giving them something to look forward to each day.”

Ms Fraser who has experienced two of her family members accessing aged care services said she empathises can families who bring their loved ones in.

“Because of this my goal has always been to make a place where everyone wants to be, where the lifestyle program is the reason people come to our facility,” she said.

Access the HOAC website and nominate individuals to share their story here.

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