Call to update country’s continence action plan

The Continence Foundation of Australia has proposed two initiatives to improve community understanding of the condition.

In a pre-budget submission, the Continence Foundation of Australia has proposed two investment initiatives that would improve community and health professional understanding of incontinence and reduce the stigma that surrounds the condition.

The first initiative is to progress the objectives of the National Continence Program to further raise awareness, address discrimination and provide information and training through an updated Australian Continence Action Plan.

Rowan Cockerell

“Despite the alarming increase in the prevalence of incontinence in the population, there has been no updated Australian Continence Action Plan since 2014,” says Continence Foundation of Australia chief executive officer Rowan Cockerell.

“Australia requires a purposeful, evidence-based approach to improve the treatment and management of all forms of incontinence and to promote continence health for people at higher risk of incontinence,” said Ms Cockerell.

A second initiative is to implement a capability building program for general practices to strengthen the capacity of primary health care to meet the increasing continence care needs of the community.

Incontinence is a potentially preventable and manageable health condition. Without action, the Continence Foundation of Australia says the number of people living in residential care with incontinence is expected to almost double – from 129,000 in 2010 to more than 250,000 in 2030.

With more than 50 per cent of people living with incontinence reporting that the condition affects their mental health, Ms Cockerell said it was more than just a physical complaint.

“We know that incontinence invariably worsens over time if ignored, and can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, with both men and women, at any age, at a higher risk of comorbid depression.”

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1 thought on “Call to update country’s continence action plan

  1. Sounds like what we are going to be stuck with is more mental health support. Jobs for unemployed counselors that universities are upping out like sausages, when what is really neede are cheaper consumables.
    Vested interests looking for a slice of the funding pie yet again!

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