G-G lends support to dementia research

The national patron of Alzheimer’s Australia praised researchers and clinicians for their dedication.

The Governor General, Quentin Bryce, says we need to learn more about dementia care.

Governor General, Quentin Bryce has highlighted the need for more research into dementia care.

Speaking on the future of Australian women at NSW Parliament House, the national patron of Alzheimer’s Australia said it was important to focus on the strengths and independence of people with dementia.

“We need to learn more about how we can care for [dementia] sufferers in a community context, as well as in residential care,” said Ms Bryce.

“We need to focus on making the best of those parts of a person’s brain that are still functioning well, and improving their daily enjoyment of life.

“It’s a huge undertaking, but what reassures me and fills me with hope in all of these challenges to do with ageing is the knowledge that this country is blessed with scientists, clinicians, policy makers and philanthropists who are among the finest and most dedicated in the world.”

The Governor General said Australia had a good record in dementia care and research.

“Alzheimer’s Australia worked long and hard to ensure that, five years ago, dementia became a national health priority,” she said.

“We were the first country in the world to have achieved that, and with bipartisan support.”

But Ms Bryce stressed the need for an ongoing commitment to dementia care and research in coming decades.

The Governor General also encouraged Australian women to embrace a healthy and positive attitude to ageing.

“I urge us all, as we age to dismiss our wrinkles, blotches, bulges and sags, to embrace what experience and living have given us, be grateful for the bodies that have served us so faithfully, grow with them and look after them well,” she said.

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