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In this wrap: resource to cut energy bill by up to 60 per cent; clinical mentoring guide; planning resource for older people with a mental illness.

In this story:

  • Cut energy bills by up to 60 per cent
  • Clinical mentoring guide
  • Planning resource for older people with a mental illness

Energy cut aged care

Cut energy by up to 60 per cent

A suite of free e-resources customised to the aged care sector is available to help facilities cut their energy bills by 10 to 60 per cent.

The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Aged Care Facility (pdf) is a truncated version of the Energy Cut ebook for small business written by energy efficiency expert and social entrepreneur Jon Dee, the founder and managing director of social change movement DoSomething.

The guide and complementary website, which were developed with funding from the Federal Government, is written in plain-English and focuses on a business’ bottom line, not the environment, climate or carbon emissions.

The aged care specific resources also include case studies of how other aged care organisation have saved money through cutting their energy use; a tip sheet with all the steps in bite-sized pieces for easy reference; and a presentation that explaining EnergyCut that can be shown to staff or industry groups to help roll-out an EnergyCut plan.

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Aged Care Clinical Mentor Model of Change

Clinical mentoring guide

South Australian aged care provider Resthaven has launched a free clinical mentoring resource for residential and community aged care providers to use in training and workforce development.

The guide, Aged Care Clinical Mentor Model of Change: Six Steps to Better Practice, is the result of a project under the Commonwealth funded Encouraging Better Practice in Aged Care (EBPAC) initiative, which aimed to improve aged care through education, training and leadership.

This $1.2 million project, which Resthaven managed in partnership with other aged care organisations and Flinders University, developed and trialled a clinical mentoring model in both residential and community aged care.

The guide is the culmination of this project and aims to enable positive change to provide benefits to residents, clients, and staff of aged care services, said Wendy Morey, executive manager, workforce and governance at Resthaven.

Ageing Well

Planning resource for people with a mental illness

Mental health support, training, and education charity SANE Australia has developed a free new resource to help older people with a mental illness and their families plan for the future.

SANE developed the book after conducting research which found two in three older Australians living with a mental illness had not discussed a plan for their future.

The plain language guide looks at home and social supports, health, legal, and financial issues and includes a checklist to help work through the planning process.

SANE Australia CEO Jack Heath said good mental health was intrinsic to healthy ageing and being prepared was a really important part of maintaining good mental health as we age aged.

Mr Heath said SANE hoped the guide, Heath Ageing Well: A guide to planning ahead for older people who live with mental illness, their family and friends, would make discussing a plan for the future easier.

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