A group of researchers from Griffith University are embarking on a project to refine, implement and evaluate a new model of care for people with dementia.

Led by Professor Wendy Moyle from the Research Centre for Clinical and Community Practice Innovation, the team is determined to make a positive impact on the quality of life for people with dementia.

“Research has shown that the intention is to offer person-centred care yet in many facilities, dementia care continues to be task-oriented and driven by the needs of the facility,” Professor Moyle said.

“The model, education materials and implementation strategies of CMDC will be tested and compared to the usual care pattern. Ultimately, we plan to assess its effectiveness in improving the quality of life and value of people living with dementia in residential care.”

The two-year project will be conducted in collaboration with RSL Care and it is expected to begin in January 2010.

The new model of dementia care uses education, mentoring, care teams, care planning and reflective journals to highlight the needs and values of people with dementia.

The team will work with Professor Julian Hughes, an old-age psychiatrist from the University of Newcastle (UK).

“The success of this project so far can be attributed to the drive, dedication and professionalism of the researchers and I look forward to continuing my involvement in such a significant area of research,” Professor Hughes said.

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