Nursing homes are scarier than dying: study

A US study reveals that American seniors value independence more than anything else.

An American study commissioned by Clarity and the EAR Foundation has found that senior citizens in the US are more concerned about moving into a nursing home and the loss of independence than dying.

While 26 per cent of respondents to the ‘Aging in Place in America’ survey expressed fear at the thought of losing their independence and 13 per cent said they feared moving into an aged care facility, only 3 per cent feared death.

“These findings tell us that, above all else, older Americans value their ability to live independently,” said Peter Bell, President of National Aging in Place Council.

“As a society, we must find ways to help our parents and grandparents live their latter years at home. We must make aging in place a national priority and a reality for older Americans.”

The children of seniors, today’s boomers, were also interviewed regarding their attitude towards their parents’ aging in place.

Their answers echoed the parental desires and concerns over aging in place and living independently.

Over 90 per cent of them felt that it was important that their senior parents were able to age-in-place.

But at the same time, more than three quarters were concerned about their parents’ ability to do so, and 57 per cent were very concerned.

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