Planning ahead with dementia

A South Australian provider has launched a resource to help people with dementia and aged care workers to plan ahead.

A South Australian provider has launched a resource to help people with dementia plan ahead while they are still able.

ACH Group’s Planning Ahead guide assists people with dementia to make important financial, medical and lifestyle decisions while they are still able.

It provides information and advice on updating a will, putting an Enduring Power of Attorney in place and medical decisions, such as organ donation.

The guide also includes helpful information for the families and carers of people with dementia.

Palliative care experts and people with dementia were consulted in the making of the resource.

“We are being encouraged and assisted to accept…a more active role in the planning and management of the death process as we encounter it,” said Professor Jenny Abbey who launched the kit.

“We are learning to aspire to a death that is dignified, comfortable and crafted in a way of our choosing.”

At the same time, ACH launched a kit to assist aged care staff to arrange appropriate services and support for clients with dementia.

The purpose of both resources is encouraging a proactive response to the terminal disease of dementia.

“The palliative approach for people with dementia should start early and be an ongoing part of all care wherever the journey towards death takes that person,” said Professor Abbey.

The resource kit and information guide were funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing.

Click here to see a PDF of the kit for aged care staff. It can also be purchased on CD for $30.

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