Research targets healthy ageing

A NSW provider is funding a research project that will promote healthy lifestyles among older Australians.

A project aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among older Australians is one of the recipients of the IRT Research Foundation’s 2010 grants.

The Director of the University of Wollongong’s Centre for Health Initiatives, Professor Sandra Jones, said her project will consider different approaches for encouraging healthy behaviours among older people.

“We know there is health marketing targeted at adults to join gyms, and there are programs for children through their schools, but there hasn’t been a lot of research to assist older people in our communities,” Professor Jones said.

“I find it frustrating that there is a perception that we can’t ‘do much’ for aged people and that this can influence the motivation and self-perception of older people who think it doesn’t matter because they are old.”

Professor Jones said she was motivated by her parents who upsized to manage a farm when they retired and the childhood memories of her 82-year-old grandmother.

All participants in Professor Hones’ project will receive a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at the beginning and the end of the study.

The HRA takes into account current health status, medical history, health-related behaviour, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and the use of preventative services, such as vaccinations.

The research team will then provide individual feedback on current health status, risks and recommendations about making healthier choices.

The IRT Research Foundation is a new initiative of IRT which aims to progress projects which assist a greater understanding of the ageing process and the care and wellbeing of senior Australians.

The other successful grants were also awarded to University of Wollongong research.


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