Submissions open for AAA magazine – food, finance, and reablement

The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine is focusing on food and nutrition, finance and strategy, and reablement and wellness.

With food and nutrition becoming one of the new quality standards, aged care providers will want to make sure their residents consume tasty and nutritious food every day.

In the upcoming issue of Australian Ageing Agenda (January-February 2023), we are looking at the initiatives, strategies, people and tools that are helping providers to do just that. Key topics include:

  • improving quality
  • reducing malnutrition
  • timely meal delivery
  • the ideal dining experience
  • supporting aged care cooks, chefs and catering teams.

Executive: Finance & strategy

Next issue is also delving into finance and strategy. As costs continue to rise and margins become even tighter, providers need to ensure their finances are rock solid to ensure success across the business from day-to-day operations to future developments. That takes efficiency, leadership, knowledge, care models that customers want and good governance.

In the next edition, AAA magazine will look at the strategies available and those that will work best for the variety of aged care providers to realise positive financial outcomes in 2023 and beyond.

Frontline: Reablement & wellness

More than just buzzwords, the evidence shows that reablement and improved wellbeing is possible for most individuals in aged care. From exercise and strength-building programs to allied health and recreational activities, the next edition of AAA magazine will canvas the evidence-based initiatives that are helping older people to live better lives.

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