The sooner the better

Men undergoing prostate surgery are less likely to suffer from side effects if they begin pelvic floor exercises immediately after their operations.

Men undergoing prostate surgery should begin pelvic floor muscle exercises before or shortly after their operation.

The recommendation comes from the International Consultation on Incontinence’s expert committee on incontinence management for adults.

It follows the publication of a number of research studies which found that the sooner after surgery that men begin doing pelvic floor exercises, the more likely they are to overcome common side effects such as erectile dysfunction.

The research also found that if men develop a pattern of pelvic floor exercise before surgery, they are even more likely to take it up immediately after their operation.

Linda McClelland from the Pelvic Floor Exercise team – a business that provides products and resources for pelvic floor exercise – welcomed the recommendation.

“We take calls every week from men who have undergone prostate surgery, but who’ve waited for weeks after surgery in some cases, before they’ve started a pelvic floor exercise program,” said Ms McClelland.

“The research evidence suggests that these men are more likely to suffer side effects and for a longer period of time.”

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