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MacroPlan has created a single-score index which compares the development potential of different locations.

Property and planning group MacroPlan has launched a new tool aimed at identifying the most attractive areas for retirement village and aged care development.

The retirement index combines a range of key indicators to assess local government areas and sites using a single score.

The indicators include factors such as population by age, existing supply of age specific accommodation, links to transport and essential services and median house prices and average incomes.

The tool can be tailored to an organisation’s specific needs, giving more weighting to the indicators that are of greatest importance.

MacroPlan’s national manager for business development, Craig Jones said the index can be used for acquisitions and new developments.

“If you are going to spend $200 million, you want to know where the best place is to buy or build, and where the gaps in the market are,” he said. “It helps you to pinpoint where you should invest.”

The tool identifies hot spots and the key drivers of retirement living trends in local areas.

It draws on information compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and local data collected by MacroPlan.

“MacroPlan has been tracking retirement villages for over ten years and what we have seen is a real need to analyse where the opportunities are,” said Mr Jones.

“We identified a need for a tool that could be tailored to a certain business’s needs while providing accurate information. These days everyone is time poor but this is something you can submit to your board in an easy to understand way.”

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