Australian HearingAn Australian Government agency has developed the most advanced telephone hearing test in the world.

Australian Hearing and its research arm, the National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL), have produced the Telscreen II test which will help people suffering from hearing loss to determine whether they need to seek further treatment.

People wanting to take the test just need to call a toll tree number and respond to a range of sounds played over the telephone.

NAL significantly re-engineered the testing process of the first version, Telscreen I, to develop Telscreen II.

Telscreen II uses advanced psychoacoustic principles so that it can more accurately distinguish between a hearing-impaired person and a person with good hearing,” said the NAL’s Director of Research, Professor Harvey Dillon.

The Minister for Human Services, Senator Joe Ludwig said the service will be of particular benefit to Australians living in rural and remote areas.

“Being able to take a test in the privacy of your own home at anytime, from anywhere in Australia, is an example of the Australian Government responding to the needs of senior Australians and providing greater access to services for those who need it the most,” he said.

People can access the service by calling 1800 826 500 toll-free and following the voice prompts.

Australian Hearing is an Australian Government agency that provides subsidised hearing care to children, most veterans and pensioner concession cardholders.

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