Aged care Covid vaccination program extended

The Covid-19 in-reach clinics program for residential aged care homes has been extended.

The government’s Covid-19 vaccination in-reach clinics program for residential aged care homes will run until the end of the year, the Department of Health and Aged Care announced this week.  

If facilities are unable to administer vaccine doses – either with a GP, a pharmacist or through their primary health network ­– they can register for an in-reach clinic up until 31 December 2022.

In a letter sent to aged care providers, a department official said: “The Department of Health and Aged Care is extending its Expressions of Interest process for Covid-19 in-reach vaccination clinics until 31 December 2022. This will allow any residents who were unable to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations over winter due to various reasons to catch up with their vaccination schedule.”

More than 81 per cent of aged care residents estimated to be eligible have received a fourth Covid jab.

For those residents yet to receive their fourth dose, providers are encouraged to register their interest at the following link: Residential Aged Care COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic – Registration Form.

Providers do not to need to have a minimum number of residents who are eligible for the Covid vaccine to register for a clinic.

If providers have any queries they can contact for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Aged care Covid vaccination program extended

  1. I’m sorry but yet again too little – too late – and government expecting aged care to achieve Covid19 performance levels beyond even what’s expected in the hospital system. The newer variants are far more infectious than previous and infect regardless of vaccination status. The only reason we don’t have mask mandates is political weakness. I know of one rural [one could consider it almost remote] facility with fully vaccinated up to date elders and team members. There was a public event in the small town with lots of visitors and within 10 days 90% of residents and carers were positive. If you think getting carer is hard in capital cities try doing it in small communities. Eventually some surge workforce was provided and thankfully no deaths. It does show however as every thinking person understands, vaccination is but one [essential] tool in the kit and is not the be-all and end-all. Such declarations only give the perception that something is being done but the Covid pandemic is and always has been, a community wide issue, not just in aged care services.

  2. When can we receive a 5th vaccination. We are elderly (82) and would like to have but it is only available for “immuno suppressed” which is not good as we are not well and want to be protected from this terrible disease which would mean death to my husband. Why is it not available to us.

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