March 1, 2018 all-day
North Richmond Community Health Centre
Lennox St
Richmond VIC 3121
Lindsay Tighe

Communication typically consists of too much TELLING and not enough
ASKING, which inhibits people taking responsibility for their own lives. The
Better Questions workshop offers highly effective communication strategies
and practical tips that will enable you to enhance your communication skills
and professional practice. Using the Better Questions communication
technique with your clients will lead to them being more engaged, motivated
for self-management and less dependent upon services.
Information packed and interactive, the Better Questions workshop covers:
• Recognise habitual patterns of response in our conversations
• Understand the impact of asking vs telling and the principles of asking
Better Questions
• Using Better Questions in practical scenarios
• Handling resistance to the approach
• Listening tips and traps
• Improve your ability to ask Better Questions
• Introduction to the BETTER QUESTIONS model
• Experiential activity to practice asking Better Questions

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