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Elder Abuse Legal Symposium

March 15, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:15 pm
Stamford Plaza Adelaide Hotel
150 North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
Legalwise Seminars
02 9387 8133

Elder Abuse Legal Symposium

The issue of elder abuse is becoming a more prevalent part of many legal practices, impacting wills and estates lawyers, family law practitioners, elder law specialists and more. With an aging population and greater awareness and scrutiny of elder abuse, it’s critical that lawyers are on top of the latest developments in this increasingly important area of law. Examine some of the most important updates in elder abuse along with best practices and procedures for working in the area, all while being guided by a diverse panel of legal and medical experts.

Trends, Developments and Best Practices in the Guardianship Division of SACAT
• Types of applications that can be made to the Guardianship Division
• Evidence requirements and considerations
• Practice and procedure in the Guardianship Division
• Appearing in the Guardianship Division and representing clients with impaired capacity
Presented by Michael Hegarty, Principal, Hegarty & Associates

Elder Law and Elder Abuse Case Law Roundup
Analyse the latest developments in a range of elder law and elder abuse cases.
Presented by Melissa Yule, Consultant, Adelta Legal; Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2018; Law Society of SA Succession Law Committee, member and co-editor of quarterly publication The Last Testament

Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives in South Australia
• Capacity and the elderly: the legal perspective
• Unique considerations related to powers of attorney and the elderly, including elder abuse considerations
• Statutory review of the Advance Care Directives Act (SA): what practitioners need to know
Presented by Dr Sylvia Villios, Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Coordinator, Law School HDR Convenor, Faculty of the Professions, Adelaide Law School, The University of Adelaide

Capacity and Elder Abuse: The Medical Perspective
• The medical perspective on mental impairment and how it impacts the elderly and their level of capacity
• The different states of mental impairment in the elderly, some of the causes, and some potential outcomes
• Understanding how mental impairment and capacity is assessed by medical professionals
• How elder abuse comes into play and how it can be observed by medical professionals
Presented by Dr Jane Hecker, Consultant Physician, Aged Care, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Attend and earn 3 CPD units including:
1.5 units in Substantive Law
1.5 units in Professional Skills

One Response to Elder Abuse Legal Symposium

  1. Lynne March 6, 2019 at 7:23 pm #

    OMG !! As a victim ( I hate that word as I have nobody to blame but myself ( I am not mentally deficient but was emotionally taken advantage of after my husband died ) this financial abuse needs to be more than just talked about . It needs acting on to protect elders from family inheritance impatience as I believe it is called… my story is a shocker and still gives me the only stress that I suffer in my life knowing that one of my trusted daughters encouraged me originally to get a reverse mortgage from the CBA as she needed to borrow twenty thousand dollars to fund their Xmas stock and buy a special braille machine for my toddler granddaughter and would return it to me after xmas when they had onsold to their retail suppliers but I was happy to buy the braille machine However as I was also working for them in their shop it was unbeknown to me that she had set me up with her husband to use my card without my knowledge to pay their business debts apparently and proceeded to use up the whole amount the bank had allowed me and because the bank did not pick up any anomolies with my card being used for their business suppliers that they could have seen were not what a widow would spend on nor did the bank send me any statements for 3 mths so was not aware for 3 months what they had done to me. By then it was too late and I cancelled my card immediately and had to then tell my other 2 daughters what had happened to me as she had told me not to tell anyone I had the cheque book which to this day has not had even one cheque written. I went to lawyers , sent legal letters which were ignored by them and contacted Seniors Rights but they couldnt help me as I did not have anything in writing they said and any money loaned to a child is taken by the law to be a gift unfair.
    So now I have no contact with my 3 little granddaughters one who started this year at a prestigious girls school here plus they own their own home and have bought a new car .., what a fool and a complete idiot I have been to trust!! I had owned outright before this my little 30 year old 2 bedroom unit now the bank will end up owning it and my other two daughters will not get anything. The law needs to protect families and educate elders more..
    I am even thinking of seeing if I am able to come from Melb to Adelaide to appear at this conference as I believe and I know emphatically I am no where near the only person this has happened to. It have become a very serious issue which has broken and torn my whole family apart as well as lost my faith and trust in what should be those closest to me… we need help to take these perpetrators to court and need the legal profession to stand up for us not merely pay lip service and sweep it under the carpet !! I thought I was an intelligent person and still find it hard to believe how vulnerable I was to emotions.
    I until this year was a registered nurse and now work as a Post Acute Carer with mostly the elderly , stroke and dementia sufferers. I just love my work and clients… its all that keeps me getting up every morning to be truthful knowing I am still able and healthy to continue to care for others .
    I turn 77 in May and although on an aged pension I just report my wages every fortnight to CL and try and be as happy as I can with my other two daughters and three grandchildren( who no longer have any contact with their sister ) as well as living with my two big Maremma dogs, thankful I am still of use and above ground 🙂 !!
    I know I have raved on but I have had this bottled up for the last couple of years and when I saw elder abuse was on the agenda I wanted to bring in financial abuse towards people who do not necessarily have dementia or are bedbound ,disabled or living with family.
    Thank you , kindest regards

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