In keeping with Standard 1 of the Aged Care Quality Standards, organisations are required to ensure consumer dignity and choice are prioritised in their planning, design, delivery, measurement and evaluation of systems and services. This entails partnering with consumers in their own care to the extent which they may choose.

Participants will be equipped to develop strategies to understand their consumers and their journey, allowing them to personally improve consumer engagement.

Key Learning Outcomes:
• Recognise consumer expectations are changing, driven by service expectations set outside the aged care industry
• Introduce design methodology tools to deeply understand the actual lived experience of consumers and their families
• Identify opportunities to partner with consumers to improve aged care services

What are previous participants saying?

“Tangible activities to improve the patient’s experience using the journey mapping, it was easy to understand and showed the outcomes. Shelly’s facilitation style was very engaging and professional.”- Uniting Aged Care Worker

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