April 13, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Managing consumer spending expectations @ Online

Providers tell us that managing consumer expectations and being confident of the inclusions/exclusions is a cause of frustration and confusion.

The program guidelines are necessarily flexible around spending for items that contribute to the care and wellbeing of the consumer. However, determining exactly what contributes to care and wellbeing can be tricky and providers and consumers may not have a shared understanding. This can result in complaints, dissatisfaction and even consumers ‘provider-shopping’.

You will come away from this webinar with clarity and certainty on knowing how to ensure any inclusions/exclusions are within the program guidelines. Perhaps more importantly, you will learn strategies and techniques for communicating with consumers regarding inclusions/exclusions to ensure a shared understanding.

The webinar will include information and practice tips about:

✔ The legislation, regulations and program guidelines on HCP spending
✔ Aligning spending items with the care plan, assessed needs and goals
✔ The evidence-base for support through purchases/spending including WHS
✔ Opportunity cost of  purchases/spending and value for money
✔ Wellness, reablement and goal setting in relation to spending
✔ Financial management and budgeting of different types of purchases
✔ Purchasing and ownership, maintenance and repairs
✔  Communicating with consumers to ensure a shared understanding

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  1. I am a consumer with a level 4 Package, lung and breathing problems when the really cold weather hits, as i live in Canberra this can be minus 5 deg overnight. To help overcome getting really ill I requested some special lined curtains for my bedroom window which is quite large and my bedroom is very cold I use heaters a lot. I asked if i could get these and got no response, I got a quote which i forwarded, I then had to phone to ask about it and was told no, with no explanation. Then later i was told this was not covered in Govt regulations, maybe if i got a Doctors letter they maybe could help. I am an 85 yr old with no Relatives to help, now, cost of Doctors visit and everything entailed I wonder what is the purpose of my Package which seems to cause so much stress and anxiety Plus frustration over things I NEED. Plenty of money in my budget to cover cost, in fact TOO much.

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