Is there confusion within your team about what is medication administration and what is prompting?

Do you have a clear training plan and competency testing methodology?


At Lorraine Poulos and Associates we are asked on a regular basis to assist providers to navigate this maze.

We are pleased to announce that we have done most of the hard work for you! Our special Medication Management Webinar will provide you with information and guidance about the principles for medication management in the community and will include Craig Harris from Webstercare who is an expert in Medication Management in Aged Care. We will provide an overview about what is contemporary practice in medication management in the home.


The webinar will include tips and information about:

• How to implement an effective training and competency program for medication management

• Some of the common misconceptions about medication administration and management

• The legislation which supports safe medication management

If you then wish to purchase the resources they will include:

• Sample medication policy

• Fact sheets from AHPRA

• Competency assessment tools with instructions as to how to do this in-house

• Guiding principles for medication management in the community

• Medication management framework

• Training Slides for training session

• Competency certificate template

• Learner guide and workbook


All attendees will receive a community resource package from Webstercare containing the following:

– Webster-pak 28 sample plus example medication signing sheets

– Pil-bob

– Fridge Magnet

-Info Kit including Carers brochure, Guide to your Webster-pak brochure, Pil-bob brochure, Steps for Safe Medication Administration, Patient Instructions, Multi-lingual brochure, Training Resources Request Form

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