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Standard 8 Organisational Governance recognises the board as having overall responsibility for aged care services delivery and will hold it ultimately accountable for the quality and safety of care and services. This is a game changer for boards.

In partnership with Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) Australian Strategic Services invites you to join Michael Goldsworthy for unique corporate governance and organisational governance insights that will strengthen your organisation’s response to the Requirements of Standard 8.

Masterclasses will focus on:

·         Corporate Governance v Organisational Governance

·         Assessing Your Board’s Corporate Governance & Organisational Governance

·         Standard 8, Components & Considerations

·         Standard 8, Realities and Practicalities

·         Standard 8, Implications for Directors & Key Personnel

·         Standard 8, Practical Steps & Activities

To meet or exceed Standard 8 leadership teams (board, CEO and executives/senior managers) must have a collective appreciation of Standard 8 and a commitment to the agreed strategies and projects for implementation. All individuals in a leadership team are strongly encouraged to attend.

“The workshop was excellent. Michael is a great facilitator. Materials generously provided were high quality and valuable. Thank you”

“Michael is very informative and always willing to share. Learned a lot.”

“Fabulous. Informative and practical, unique insights into Standard 8.”

Participant feedback from Michael’s Sydney, Hobart and Launceston masterclasses.

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  1. These Masterclasses have really struck a chord with the leaders of the Tasmanian aged services sector. Standard 8 is a game changer for Directors, CEOs and senior staff. The presentation is a very good background to help Boards assess where they currently sit in relation to the Standard and what they need to do to meet it. These classes have been timed to bring Directors and other leaders together – they are short, sharp sessions that provide heaps of information. I would urge other states leaders to attend!

  2. A clearly delivered reminder of the impacts of Standard 8. The Masterclass was pitched at the right level for our senior team and board to further revise and unpack the requirements of this standard. The Master class was delivered in a short but to the point program with Michael also sharing his practical experience working across the sector on these changes, sharing practical tools and examples of challenges and exploring solutions. I would highly recommend for senior staff and board members.

  3. Just as Standard 8 is a “game changer” so is this master class. Always inspiring and thought provoking Michael delivers an excellent presentation. He has been generous with his experience and knowledge and we came away with a greater insight in what to do next. Practical solutions and governance tools to better asses where we are with the new standards. Highly recommend this Masterclass for your organisation big or small.

  4. The Masterclass was an excellent introduction to governance, responsibilities and accountabilities for Boards. Many Boards believe they understand governance however utilising the self assessment tool provides opportunities to gain knowledge of ‘where they sit’ and ensure continued improvement. Standard 8 is a significant shift for Boards in their level of accountability and responsibility. For those Boards who have worked hard to ensure good governance rather than management of the organisation, the challenge becomes how to ensure you have the ‘right’ reports and systems in place, as well as confidence in the data for good decision making, monitoring and direction. The masterclass provides insights for all attendees, Chairs, Directors, Ceos and executive teams. Michael has a breadth of industry and governance knowledge unparalleled, and generously offers knowledge, tools and templates to advance our individual and collective understanding of our responsibilities to provide safe and quality care and services to the communities we serve. Highly recommend attendance, and the follow up work required, using the tools and templates provided.

  5. An amazing turnout of Director’s and Executives at the Adelaide Standard 8 Masterclass, the room was packed !

    Well done Michael and the ASSPL team, the delivery and discussion was powerful and practical, engaging and educational.

    The Masterclass gave us all clarity, strategic insights and brought about a dramatic awareness of what Standard 8 really means, let alone the legal, insurance, and associated impacts and implications that are clearly not in the line of sight of the Commission or Department…or maybe they are ???

    Thoroughly recommend that every aged care director, CEO and exec attend, an absolute must do, in fact an imperative !

  6. Absolutely fabulous session, thank you Michael and Aaron. I learned so much in a very short time about standard 8, the changed aged care landscape and what’s required of Boards and CEOs.

    In addition to practical tools there was lots of strategic information and clarity about where to focus in the new aged care system. In times of information overload, getting perspective and clear vision can feel like a struggle, like climbing a mountain to snatch a peek. Today I was parachuted in to the mountain top for an immediate 360 degree view.

    Not to be missed, recommend highly.

  7. I recently attended Michael’s Standard 8 Governance masterclass. There was a lot to take in, but Braemar did bite. As many of you know, I have since retired but before (and since) retirement I committed to writing the transitional Policy documents from the TAGS system as they pertain to Braemar Presbyterian Care here in WA.

    I wrote my first governance system in 2002 and had reasonably regularly updated it over these past 15 years or so. But no more – the TAGS system is very suitable to particularly the not-for-profit sector of human service delivery, and is being added to specifically for fit to purpose aged care service governance under the new Standards. trust me – I have just edited/stylised some 70 to 80 Policies …

    I recommend any readers to check out TAGS and Australian Strategic Services – the cost of your governance sanity is worth it. But in addition to the documents and the work in editing, this governance system, like any other, will NOT work for you if you are not prepared to live the governance requirements in the day to day delivery of your services. It is that important.

    I wish you, your organisational governance and service delivery very well!

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