From reforms to reviews, it’s been a busy year in aged care news, but it was our reports on the six-month saga over cuts to the sector’s funding announced in the May federal budget that most drew your attention.

Here are the 10 most read stories on Australian Ageing Agenda online during 2016.

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1. Budget: $1.2 billion cut from ACFI

The news first detailed in our most-read story of year went on to become the key issue for aged care stakeholders in 2016. Following the May Federal Budget, peak bodies began what was to become a six-month campaign over “concerning” cuts to the Aged Care Funding Instrument in government’s bid to save $1.2 billion over four years (read story here).

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2. New code of conduct covering aged care workers: what you need to know

AAA’s mid-year report on the progress of a national code covering the conduct of health workers, including aged care’s personal care workers, and what that means for providers, staff and consumers came in as your second most read story for the year (read story here).

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3. Unhappy workers: tackling the reasons why aged care staff leave

Retention and turnover in aged care has been a significant and longstanding problem in the sector, which might explain the popularity of this article on first-of-its-kind research highlighting the importance of workplace conditions, support and culture in understanding why aged care employees stay or leave the sector – at number three on the most read list (read story here).

Using cues such as colour may assist wayfinding for those with dementia

4. Top 10: design principles for dementia-friendly environments

Dementia-friendly design can enhance the wellbeing of residents while creating sustainable environments for providers and this story with expert tips on making an environment more dementia-friendly without necessarily calling in the builders proved popular as your fourth most read of 2016 (read story here).

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5. Industry analysis finds impact of ACFI budget measures understated

Coming in at number five was news of industry analysis that found the outcome of government’s proposed budget measures to claw back aged care funding would be far more than predicted and if actioned would impact sector viability and result in the exclusion of high-needs residents (read story here).

Aged Care Sector Roadmap

6. Aged Care Roadmap: what will aged care look like in a decade?

When sector leaders told providers at an industry conference in July to start preparing for a future where the traditional boundaries between home and residential care collapsed, you listened – at number six on the most read list (read story here).

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7. ‘Devastating’ impact: budget cuts will reduce aged care funding by $2.5 billion

With no sign of the Commonwealth backing down from its controversial changes to aged care funding, our report on further industry analysis published in late June showing the cuts would cost the sector almost $840 million more than the government estimated was your seventh most read story of 2016 (read story here).

The 10 largest bed allocations in the 2015 ACAR

8. Growth of for-profit aged care continues with 2015 ACAR

The eight most read story of the year detailed the continuing expansion of the private aged care sector showing that for-profit providers were awarded two thirds of the government’s annual allocation of new aged care bed licences (read story here).

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9. A balancing act: dignity of risk versus duty of care

Supporting the consumer’s right to make decisions and take risks while balancing duty of care has been an ongoing issue for providers and our report in May about providers and experts discussing the challenges providers could face proved popular, coming in at number nine on the list (read story here).

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10. UnitingCare Queensland undergoes restructure in the face of reforms

Rounding off the top 10 most-read stories of the year was our report on a century-old provider in Queensland and the NT preparing a massive overhaul to respond to the changing sector and meet differing needs across metropolitan and remote areas (read story here).

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