A Queensland lawyer will conduct a review of the Aged Care Act on behalf of the industry to pave the way for reform.

Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) has engaged Julie McStay, a partner with Hynes Lawyers to undertake the review.

Drawing on industry consultation, Ms McStay will prepare a report to submit to the government and the opposition.

The review will focus on four key areas: the accreditation process; the complaints investigation scheme; care fees and accommodation charges; and the allocation process.

It will identify how reforms in these areas could improve the viability of the industry while continuing to meet the needs of older Australians.

ACAA and Hynes will issue a survey soon, inviting all aged care providers throughout the country to contribute to the review process. The survey will be used to identify industry preferences for the proposed reforms.

Both ACAA and Hynes are concerned that the government has failed to address the long term reform issues which have been flagged by the industry.

“It is hoped that the ministers will support the widespread calls for review and reform of the act as the survey results will surely demonstrate the need for urgent action,” the two organisations said in a joint statement.

“Reform to the act is required today if the community and residential aged care system currently in existence in Australia is to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow.”

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