Ageing in place in the village

A private home care company has developed a new service branch to provide personal care and support to RV residents.

In a sign of the changing nature of retirement villages, a private home nursing group has developed a new service to deliver care and support services into seniors living communities.

Stanhope Healthcare created the service in collaboration with village managers to address the growing needs of residents.

“We understand that owners, operators and developers need to source reliable, high quality care staff, to provide security and confidence that the needs of their residents are met,” said the company’s CEO, Margie Hepner.

“This is becoming increasingly important as residents age in place, and develop higher health care needs.”

The service is fully managed and provides nursing care, personal care services and overnight care, as well as a seven-day, after-hours support system.

It is available in all states of Australia, including some regional areas.

Ms Hepner said the organisation will meet with clients individually to develop a tailored plan for delivering care into their villages.

“We recognise that no two seniors living communities are alike and that each will have its own unique requirements,” she said.

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