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CHA appoints Suzanne Greenwood as CEO; TLC unveils ‘youngest executive team’ in aged care; Peter Whelan heads Stewart Brown’s southern expansion; experienced TV reporter appointed to ACC; Dr Yvonne Luxford moves on from PCA.

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  • CHA appoints Suzanne Greenwood as CEO
  • ‘Youngest executive team’ in aged care unveiled
  • Peter Whelan heads Stewart Brown’s southern expansion
  • Experienced TV reporter appointed to ACC
  • Dr Yvonne Luxford moves on from PCA
CHA appoints Suzanne Greenwood as CEO
Suzanne Greenwood
Suzanne Greenwood

Former medico-legal lawyer and Catholic hospital and aged care executive Suzanne Greenwood has been appointed the new chief executive of Catholic Health Australia (CHA).

Announcing the appointment this morning, CHA Stewardship Board chair Rowena McNally said Ms Greenwood’s “terrific mix of skills and experience well positions CHA for the years ahead.”

Prior to her current role as national CEO of the Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia, Mrs Greenwood was general counsel at the St Vincent de Paul Society of Queensland. From 2008 to 2011, she was corporate counsel and company secretary at St Vincent’s Health and Aged Care in Brisbane, also a CHA member. She was previously a senior lawyer at Queensland Health.

Mrs Greenwood said: “CHA’s role as the voice of the Church on health, aged care and community care matters is centrally important at this time. I am looking forward to working with Catholic hospital and aged care leaders, together with Catholic religious and Catholic Bishops, to continue CHA’s agenda for health equity.”

Currently based in Queensland, Mrs Greenwood will move with her husband and two children to Canberra to take up the CHA role. She will commence as CEO in October.

In June, CHA announced that after six years in the top job, Martin Laverty was stepping down as CEO. Mr Laverty has been appointed CEO of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

‘Youngest executive team’ in aged care unveiled

Victoria’s largest family-owned aged care provider, TLC Aged Care (TLC) has unveiled its new executive team and “brand rejuvenation” at the opening of new head offices in Melbourne on Friday.

TLC said its head office incorporated innovative interior design and the latest in IT solutions, which would result in improved speed, efficiency and data security for the organisation and its customers. IT risk management processes have been upgraded to ensure a robust platform, the provider said.

TLC also introduced its new executive team assembled from a range of health care disciplines:

  • Lou Pascuzzi, chief executive officer
  • Neville Watson, chief operating officer
  • Matthew Hollins, chief financial officer
  • Faye Reppas, chief human resources officer
  • Paul King, chief quality officer
  • Adrienne Godfrey, chief marketing officer
  • Peter Siatos, chief information technology officer

TLC’s CEO Lou Pascuzzi, said the launch marked a new era for the organisation. “The new TLC head office represents a major investment in the culture of the organisation. An innovative approach to interior design, coupled with the latest in IT infrastructure, makes this office something special in the aged care industry,” he said.

“My new team is the youngest executive team in the aged care industry. Over the next three years we will position TLC for innovation, growth and business longevity.”

Peter Whelan heads Stewart Brown’s southern expansion
Peter Whelan
Peter Whelan

Major provider of financial benchmarking information to the aged care sector, StewartBrown Chartered Accountants, has appointed Peter Whelan to head up its new Adelaide office.

The Sydney-based firm said the new office is the first step in a national expansion plan.

Whelan, a former senior audit and corporate advisory partner at an Adelaide accountancy firm, said StewartBrown had an increasing number of clients in South Australia’s aged care sector which had encouraged the move to Adelaide.

“Aged care providers in South Australia are recognised as some of the best and most innovative in the nation,” he said. “However the whole industry is undergoing rapid change as a result of the way government is dealing with the sector through its Living Longer, Living Better reform package and as increasing numbers of retirees look for different accommodation and service options.

“This is putting pressure on the aged care sector to operate in a changing environment and to come up with services that meet the demands of their clients and the families of those clients. Benchmarking plays a very strong role in this.”

StewartBrown’s quarterly Aged Care Financial Benchmarking Survey captures information from almost a third of all residential aged care facilities and more than one third of the home care programs in Australia and is widely used across the industry.

Mr Whelan has been joined by senior manager Travis Rickard.

Experienced TV reporter appointed to ACC
Evan Batten
Evan Batten

The Aged Care Channel has announced the appointment of Evan Batten as executive producer.

Mr Batten has previously worked as a reporter at the Nine Network’s A Current Affair and over 10 years at Ten’s Network as a senior reporter.

ACC said Mr Batten would be contributing to the ongoing success of its reach across two countries, Australia and the United Kingdom, by providing executive management in production and global leadership in the development of creative concepts for all ACC programs.

“We’re delighted to welcome Evan to ACC and excited to have someone with his editorial and content experience join the team,” said CEO Russell Bricknell. “Evan’s longstanding career as a reporter for some of Australia’s leading broadcast networks will bring first class expertise to ACC, growing our capability internationally and our continued commitment to universal learning in the aged care sector.”

Mr Batten said he was excited about joining the aged care industry at such a progressive time of change and innovation.

“I’m passionate about television and have been all my life. What we’re doing at ACC is the future of broadcasting, sharing engaging stories, informing and inspiring a specific audience. And that excites me,” he said.

Dr Luxford moves on from PCA
Dr Yvonne Luxford
Dr Yvonne Luxford

After four successful years with the organisation, Dr Yvonne Luxford is stepping down as CEO of Palliative Care Australia.

Dr Luxford has led PCA through a period of great growth, establishing the organisation as a leading voice in Australia’s healthcare system and making a significant difference to the lives of dying Australians and their families.

“It has been an absolute joy and honour to work in this amazing sector,” said Dr Luxford. “I continue to be astounded at the dedication and passion shown by those who work each day to ensure quality care at the end of life for all and would like thank everyone who has supported me in this position.”

Under Dr Luxford’s stewardship, PCA took a leading role in the aged care reforms during which the Productivity Commission proclaimed “palliative care is core business for aged care” and also the Senate Inquiry into Palliative Care in Australia.

“Palliative care has become well supported as a multipartisan issue which has been humbling to witness, and I’d particularly like to thank the Parliamentary Friends End of Life Care Group for their leadership in this,” Dr Luxford said.

“A personal highlight for me has also been the ground breaking work that has happened on the international stage, which has culminated in the World Health Assembly adopting a resolution on palliative care for the first time it its history. The foundations have been laid for transformational change in our sector.”

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