Meet the first Commissioner for Senior Victorians

He spent seven years advocating for the aged and community services industry but Gerard Mansour’s new role puts him front and centre of an all-of-government campaign to improve economic and social participation for senior Victorians.


Above: The Minister’s ‘standout selection’ – Gerard Mansour, Victoria’s new Commissioner for Senior Victorians

The inaugural chief executive of Leading Age Services Australia, Gerard Mansour, has taken on another inaugural leadership role – this time on the other side of the advocacy fence.

Victoria’s Minister for Ageing, David Davis, today announced the appointment of Mr Mansour as the state’s first ever Commissioner for Senior Victorians.

The new position has been established by the Victorian Government in response to a Parliamentary Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation for Victorian Seniors.

Tabling the response to that inquiry in February this year, Minister Davis promised to establish a new Commissioner who would chair a Ministerial Advisory Committee for Senior Victorians to enable the Victorian government to better understand participation of older people and co-ordinate an action plan across the whole of the state government.

Making the announcement today, Minister Davis described Mr Mansour as a ‘standout selection’ for the role.

“The important role of the Commissioner for Senior Victorians is to promote an age-friendly society and enhance community participation by senior Victorians,” Mr Davis said.

“Gerard Mansour is a highly respected and passionate advocate for the needs of older people, and is a standout selection for Victoria’s first ever Commissioner for Senior Victorians.”

The other key commitment of the Victorian Government’s response to the Parliamentary Inquiry – the establishment of a Ministerial Advisory Committee for Senior Victorians – was also announced today. The 12 person committee, chaired by the Commissioner, comprises a range of stakeholders including seniors advocacy groups, academics and local government.

“The Committee will prepare a whole-of-government action plan, detailing new strategies and actions to promote community participation of older people and coordinate plans across Government,” Mr Davis said.

The standout choice

Mr Mansour, who was CEO of Aged and Community Care Victoria for six years before becoming the  inaugural CEO of the new national aged and community care industry peak body, Leading Age Services Australia, said he was extremely proud to be appointed to a role where he can to stand up for senior Victorians and promote age friendly communities.

“We have heard clearly from seniors the message about remaining engaged in the community and the workforce in various ways. Someone retiring in their mid-60s now has 20 years of retirement ahead and that leaves a lot of potential for continuing workforce and economic participation which can be important in active and healthy ageing.”

Mr Mansour said the Ministerial Advisory Committee would be convening for its first meeting tomorrow and would deliver its action plan by the end of 2014.

“Our specific task initially is to identify the enormous range of programs and initiatives that currently exist to support or promote participation of senior Victorians and bring it all together into one detailed action plan and strategy,” said Mr Mansour.

“In doing this, it will enable us to look in some detail at the areas of need, gaps and emerging issues too.”

Mr Mansour said it was too early to say exactly what kinds of initiatives and outcomes would eventually come from the committee’s work.

“Probably it will go down the line of setting some clear goals with actions and outcomes but at this stage, the committee’s role is to make sense of what’s currently underway across departments to address participation of older people and then co-ordinate the plan across government.”

“We have to get our discussions and thoughts to a level of detail first to develop a framework. We will work closely with government because it has to make sense as a whole of government document,” he added.

Mr Mansour said he would like to hear ideas from senior Victorians on how the Victorian Government can help people to stay active and fully participate in society.

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11 thoughts on “Meet the first Commissioner for Senior Victorians

  1. Great to have the passionate Collingwood supporter back in aged care. Strong lead by the Victorian Government that other States could take on board. Wonderful news Gerard – Congratulations

  2. Congratulations again Gerard. I envisage that you will facilitate further change that will benefit all senior Victorians. Exciting times!

  3. Congratulations Gerard. To quote the Minister ” you were a stand-out choice ‘ Your knowledge of the sector along with your skills and understanding in working with a diverse range of interests will be a great advantage.

  4. Its good to see good people in important roles in government. You certainly are a standout pick, I wish you well.

  5. Congratulations Gerard! The Minister has indeed appointed a well respected man. I was initially concerned that we had lost his knowledge and passion from the industry. Welcome back!

  6. Great to see an experienced, passionate person who is committed to improving the lives of Senior Victorians such as Gerard appointed to an advocacy position. Congratulations.

  7. Dear Gerard, Congratulations on your appointment! Your appointment will provide confidence to the industry that Senior Victorians are being presented.

  8. Congrats Gerard you are an excellent choice for the position. And as my colleague SK said good to have you back championing for our older Australians.

  9. I can’t think of a better informed or more passionate advocate for the health and well-being of older Australians. Many congratulations on the new role Gerard. Best wishes, Paul

  10. Congratulations on your appointment, Gerard Mansour . I write as the Director of LINGUA MUSICA, a marvellous private European Music and Art Tours organisation which every year, attracts senior like-minded Victorians ( and others) to travel with us.I am looking forward to hearing about your new initiatives for older active Victorians

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