Big plans for aged care’s Open Day

Across Australia, providers are planning how they will take part in the National Open Day on 20 June, which is part of a global movement to show the great work being done in aged care.


The ACC program showcased Darwin's Pearl Supported Care, which has an organising committee planning its Open Day event
Darwin’s Pearl Supported Care featured on the ACC program yesterday. The facility has an organising committee, consisting of residents and staff, planning its Open Day event.

In Sydney a community care organisation will attempt to break a Guinness World Record and hold the world’s largest outdoor exercise class for older people, while in South Australia a provider will take over Rundall Mall to promote positive images of ageing.

Across Australia, aged services are making big plans for how they will take part in the ACSA National Open Day on 20 June, which is part of a global movement to show the great work being done in aged care.

Australia will join with the United Kingdom, Malta and South Africa in staging the event this year.

Community Care Northern Beaches (CCNB), a community care provider on Sydney’s northern beaches, said it will attempt to hold the world’s largest outdoor exercise class for people aged over 70 years.

Director of strategy for CCNB Eliza Pross said the outdoor exercise class would highlight some of the preventative community health programs available to older people, all aimed at maximising their health and wellbeing.

“The importance of exercise as a preventative health measure for the ageing population cannot be understated. Exercise decreases the risks of dementia and other chronic disease and helps people stay as fit and healthy as possible as they get older,” said Ms Pross.

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Elsewhere, ACH Group in South Australia said it is planning to take over the main shopping strip in Adelaide, Rundle Mall, to promote its services and the National Open Day. Among its planned activities are performances from its Sing for Joy Choir, an art display and an open air photo booth where people can discuss ‘what makes a good life’.

Lutheran Aged Care in Albury said it sees the National Open Day as “a great way to showcase the excellent services on offer and the fantastic work that goes on at Lutheran Aged Care.”

“Some people still have misconceptions about aged care services, so we are keen to dispel any myths that are out there and for people to come and have a look around,” said Sheree Sheridan, acting CEO.

The provider will be hosting a mini expo and an afternoon tea as part of its Open Day activities.

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Get involved!

“Residents, care homes and organisations are at the heart of the community, and we encourage all organisations to get involved,” said Adjunct Professor John Kelly, CEO of Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA), speaking on a special live TV program on the Aged Care Channel yesterday ahead of the event.

The program discussed how providers can get the most out of their open day events and it featured organisations talking about their plans, as well as UK care homes which held open days last year.

  • For those who missed the live TV program yesterday, the ACC is making a recording available to watch for free until 20 June.  This video can be viewed on your PC, laptop, Mac, iPad or iPhone. Click here for access 
  • Aged care facilities can access resources, such as sample media releases to send to their local media, on the ACSA National Open Day website. There they will find further details of the event nationally, as well as a full list of facilities that have registered.

Australian Ageing Agenda will feature coverage of some of the best and brightest open day events. To be included in the coverage of the events, send your photos to 

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