The Bringing Nurses Back into the Workforce Program is part of a $138.9 million measure by the Federal Government to bring 8,750 extra nurses into the Australian health and ageing workforce within five years, as well as funding up to an extra 1,170 university nursing places a year.

The plan includes $6.9 million to help bring 1,000 nurses back into our nursing homes and will provide a cash bonus to nurses who are returning to the profession after an absence of more than 12 months. Nurses who meet the eligibility criteria and have returned to work in Commonwealth funded nursing homes on or after 15 January 2008 may be eligible to receive cash payments of up to $6,000.

The Royal College of Nursing Australia will assess applications from nurses returning to the industry and coordinate the payments to eligible nurses and aged care providers.

For further information about the Bringing Nurses Back into the Workforce program please contact the Royal College of Nursing Australia on 1800 553 252 or visit the their web site

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