Broughton Hall receives full Federal Government accreditation

ACSAA review gives nursing home “top marks” after changes made following last years deadly gastroenteritis outbreak.

In the headlines last year because of a gastroenteritis outbreak which killed five residents, Broughton Hall nursing home has been given “top marks” by a Government review. The federal government’s Aged Care Standards and accreditation Agency (ACSAA) have found the Melbourne nursing home compliant in 44 outcomes, including resident’s health, staffing and facilities. The agency has visited the nursing home seven times over the past year, twice in the last month,and has interviewed staff and examined policy and procedure documents.

“We’ve invested significantly in further training and education for our staff.” said Sharon McGowan, Deputy CEO of Benetas, who manage the home. McGowan said several changes have been made in the past twelve months, adding that residents, families and staff had been consulted.

Welcoming the news, Aged and Community Care Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Greg Mansour said “This is surely a time to acknowledge the tenacity and commitment of the Benetas Board, management and staff to return to full accreditation, after the events that sparked attention last year.”

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