Commissioner makes balanced recommendations

The aged care commissioner has recommended to uphold half of the CIS’s decisions and to vary or dismiss the other half.

In her first full year in the role of Aged Care Commissioner, Rhonda Parker recommended that 50 per cent of the Complaints Investigation Scheme’s (CIS’s) disputed decisions should be upheld.

A recently released annual report reveals the commissioner recommended that 30 per cent of the CIS’s original decision be varied and in 20 per cent of cases, she recommended that the decision be set aside.

The commissioner examines appeals against the decisions of the CIS from care recipients or their representatives and approved providers.

However the powers of the commissioner are limited and the recommendations she makes are not binding.

Between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2008, the Ms Parker received 134 appeals. Almost two thirds of the appeals (67 per cent) came from care recipients or their representatives and 37 per cent from providers.

During this period, the commissioner finalised and submitted 91 recommendations to the secretary of the department.

The CIS processed 76 of those recommendations and accepted 87 per cent of them.

Seven recommendations to vary a decision were rejected and three recommendations to set aside a decision were not accepted.

The commissioner also received 22 complaints about the conduct of the handling of complaints and the conduct of the accreditation agency and people carrying out audits.

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