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  1. I agree comments made by Paul Sadler as many older people need two short visits a day to meet their needs. Not one long visit. How does this fit with consumer directed care/person centered care? It raises numerous questions such as will care package funding and hours increase to accomodate this? Not to mention rostering issues for staff and especially the small providers that do not have all the latest intergrated software as mentioned by Mr Sadler. Community care providers needs to refer to all providers large and small providers and accomodate all.

  2. Well about time you looked after the workers happy staff happy clients..clients will not be affected as they have stated clients will not be forced to have xtra hours the onus will be on the company to align upcoming shifts to give the carer a decent day work..and be paid for klms and destruction of there own vehicle. Then people may make a carear of this industry stability and familiarity with clients. As it stands now this industry is only for the wealthy who want to earn a bit if pocket money for themselves to top up there wealthy lifestyle..who wants to drive 60 klms a day every day for nothing who wants 15 minute shifts half hour shifts no body it’s ridiculous and a ripp off the worker suffers endlessly. Now we may see some job security to maintain good staff great stuff fair work great stuff common sense prevails. Don’t believe there false allegations about clients loosing out not true.

  3. Out and about in your own vehicle for 7 hours getting paid for 4 hours no travel time.driving 15 kms for half hour shift 15 klms back. No travel time price of fuel paid out of of worker’s pocket ..some days 1.5 hours 3 half hour shifts drive 40 klms no klms rate what a joke no wonder good people are walking away it’s about keeping it fair for everyone concerned. If companies can keep u down to maximise profit they will they need to be accountable and stop playing on worker’s emotions using clients as a leverage to keep worker’s down low act. Clients will not be affected don’t buy it only the company responable to give there employees a fair go about time.

  4. I hope this a fair platform and will publish all comments not only what suits there agenda.

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