Seniors rights service Advocare moves into Broome

Seniors rights organisation Advocare is expanding its services into the Kimberley region.

West Australian not-for-profit seniors rights and advocacy organisation Advocare is expanding its services into the beach resort town of Broome.

The expansion aims to address staff shortages and bridge the gap in available regional aged care services in the Kimberley region, said Advocare CEO Louise Forster.

Louise Forster

“Low population growth is affecting the workforce of every single industry regionally, but is especially prevalent in the aged care industry,” said Advocare CEO Louise Forster in a statement.

While WA’s population overall has risen 7.5 per cent, population growth in the Kimberley has completely stagnated, said Ms Forster. “Because of this lack of growth, we’re facing a real crisis to look after society’s most vulnerable people and attract staff to the region.”

Advocare wants to supply services to the Kimberley to make sure it’s supporting and protecting the rights of older people in the region, added Ms Forster. “Having an Advocare advocate in Broome will help us identify those gaps and needs in services for older people on the ground.”

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