Financial and environmental sustainability

SA state budget submission calls for smart spending in three priority areas.

Aged & Community Services SA & NT (ACS) has chosen to focus on financial and environmental sustainability in its submission to the 2009-2010 South Australian state budget.

“Given the projections known about the future SA population, addressing the needs of a rapidly ageing population is an imperative for any state government,” said ACS CEO, Alan Graham.

The state association wants the government to focus on three priority areas – assistive technology, environmental impact and health and wellbeing – as it responds to the challenges of an ageing population.

It is asking for investment in equipment that promotes independent living and improves the efficiency of carers.

The group says it is aware of the significant drain on power and water resources caused by 24-hour aged care facilities. But it argues that aged care providers do not have the financial capacity to make the necessary changes.

ACS is also calling for more state spending on restorative care and rehabilitation services as well as public dental care

‘These issues affect the provision of effective and appropriate services to the ageing population and warrant immediate attention by the Government,” Mr Graham said.

The total cost of the organisation’s proposals would come to $10 million.

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